Grooveshark Standalone Player

This was the first release, see this post for up-to-date info.

One year ago I did a small application that was able to run Grooveshark music player outside your browser. Recently I updated it to work with the new Grooveshark’s interface.

Download (996 KB)

When installed, you can find the application source code inside the installation directory. If you add more feature be kind enough to send me a patch! Thanks.

Supported features:
– Removes ads
– Minimize to tray

– Displays song title in the window title bar.
– Global hotkeys to:
– CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+Left -> Play previous song
– CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+Right -> Play next song in queue
– CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+Up -> Increase the volume
– CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+Down ->Decrease the volume
– CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+END -> Pause/Play music

More to come…

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