Vicuna 2012.02

I am releasing a new version of Vicuna 2012.02.

Download Here (~34 MB)

Vicuna is a simple, academic game engine integrating many middlewares.

Here’s the change log since the previous version:

 | 2012.02 (@r100) |
 Major refactoring
 Integrates FMOD
 Adds Shadow mapping
 Adds support for .X importation
 Adds Basic integration of PhysX 3.2
 Adds 3dsmax documentation
 Adds a method (RandomVector3) to generate random vectors
 Adds basic support to set the initial window position
 Adds deallocation of nodes to node allocator
 Adds packaging tools
 Adds PhysX camera visual debugging support
 Adds PhysX dynamic sphere support
 Adds PhysX support to load a static mesh from a VCNMesh
 Adds static terrain support
 Adds support for dynamic bodies
 Adds support to create an physic actor from a node
 Adds support to load .x files as Vicuna models.
 Cleans up shaders
 Cleans up the exporter a bit
 Cleans up the HUD
 Cleans up the menus
 Cleans up the project settings
 Deletes unused files
 Enables PhysX Profiling in debug builds 
 Improves assertion dialog UI
 Extracts height from static terrain
 Fixes fullscreen mode
 Fixes node hierarchy transformation
 Fixes some .x vertex adjacencies errors
 Improves effects
 Improves SSAO (still bad when mixed with transparency)
 Improves Sun entity
 Moves PixProf.h to VCNRenderer module and overrides it in VCND3D9
 Optimize Awesomium rendering
 Reduces size of button in the assert dialog
 Refactors loading a mesh from a .x file.
 Refactors terrain effect
 Removes FMOD dependencies in GameApp
 Removes some unused sounds
 Renames precompiled headers
 Renames Terrain to ProceduralTerrain
 Replaces Game headers
 Replaces VCN D3D9 module headers
 Replaces VCNAudio headers
 Replaces VCNCore headers
 Replaces VCNFMOD headers
 Replaces VCNImporter headers
 Replaces VCNNodes headers
 Replaces VCNParticle module headers
 Replaces VCNPhysic module headers
 Replaces VCNPhysX module headers
 Replaces VCNRenderer module headers
 Replaces VCNResources module headers
 Replaces VCNTests module headers
 Replaces VCNUI module headers
 Replaces VCNUtils module headers
 Replaces VCNWindows module headers
 Updates sound configuration

Here’s a few shots of the engine in action:

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